Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day in the life of...

A day in the life of C

C started soccer this week. His first game was last night. He now plays with the "big kids" where the games are actually refereed, players play positions, and in general follow the rules of the game.
C at his Soccer Game
Here he is with his game face. He was pretending to kick an imaginary ball.

C at his soccer game
C did pretty well. He got to play a variety of positions, and most liked playing the goalie. He managed to make a few saves despite missing only one that went high over his head.

A day in the life of S

S has been adjusting to having his older brother gone most of the day. I love having lunch with him and chatting with him--he's pretty funny. Today, he had some watermelon as part of his lunch. He seems to really like watermelon. What do you think?
S digging into his watermelon
I love this one with watermelon juices running down his chin.
S loving his watermelon
A day in the life of MK

MK has had her nap schedule interupted by C's school schedule. This is her right before I had to wake her so we could go pick up C from school today. Let's hope she'll go to bed early tonight and not be a grump.
MK napping

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