Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let It Snow!

We woke up yesterday to the first snowfall. The boys were very anxious to go out and play in the snow. I want it to be Spring. Sigh. It's not easy being a California transplant. We don't always acclimate well. But, they were so excited about it, opening all the blinds to be able to look outside. As soon as I opened up the garage door to load us all into the van to take C to school, both C and S rushed out to the lawn and trudged around making tracks.

When I got back from taking C to school, I brought MK inside and lifted the blanket that had covered her car seat to check on her and found her asleep looking like this.

Don't you just love those chubby cheeks? I just had to giggle about her little hat. It reminded me of Sunday when I took her to church. She started crying in the car, but I just kept on driving. When we got the building MK was starting to squeal. C was the first to notice why she was screaming...the little headband I had put on her had slipped down and was covering her eyes. She looked like she had some sort of funky, lacy glasses on.

Well, It snowed all day yesterday. Both C and S were determined to enjoy the snow. I don't think they know how to spend an entire day inside the house, so cold or snow wasn't going to stop them from going outside. When they were frozen and done, they came inside for hot chocolate. Then they sat on the couch with blankets to watch a show and warm up.

C & S
I think C wanted to make sure the entire couch was warm as well. These 2 are such outside boys. It will be interesting how they handle the cold winter. They are used to playing outside each day, riding their scooters and finding friends to play with. It's kinda funny because all around the neighborhood, only my 2 boys are outside playing. Everyone else is inside--warm.


Marie said...

SNOW! That has almost become a four-letter word to me. I'm glad the boys enjoy it, though.

Melissa Miller said...

Well well well, I fellow blogger that I didn't know about!! I love having more blog friends.

Jilene said...

every time I sit at the computer, I always have a baby on my lap, so I can never comment. So now that he is asleep, (big grin) I can tell you how adorable your family is. How are you doing with 3 kids? i find it a little overwhelming at times, but we are surviving. Lauren is what is going to be the death of me! Oh she is so 2!!! :-)

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