Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

We had such a fun Halloween! I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was in college and really wanted to dress up this year. I bought a long wig and hat and went as a witch. It was fun to dress up and really get in to the fun this year. I even bought 2 wigs for R to choose from--a black 'fro wig and a blond mullet wig.

The boys wanted to try on the wigs, too. Here is C with a mullet.
And this is S with a fro.
Both boys had Halloween parties at school and came home with tons of candy and toys. The boys and I (ok, mainly me) carved pumpkins during the afternoon.

S and C
And then I got to hear C ask every 5 minutes (I'm not kidding, seriously every 5 minutes) if it was time to go trick-or-treating. After dinner, we loaded up the kids and drove over to our church's parking lot where the neighborhood was holding a trunk-or-treat. It was fun to walk around and see all our neighbors and friends and all the fun costumes and decorations. R stayed at the truck with the candy and MK to pass out treats.

How did MK like her first Halloween? Well, hard to tell since she slept through the whole thing! She fell asleep about an hour before it was time to go. She slept as I changed her into her costume. She slept as I put her in her car seat. She slept as R passed out candy and kids screamed "Trick-or-Treat!" She slept as we came home. She slept as I took her out of her car seat to take a family picture. And she slept.
Lion MK
She was so cute as a little bear cub. She definitely has the cheeks for it, don't you think?
And here is the family. R looks great with his fro. S is a dragon. There I am as a witch holding a sleeping bear. And, C is there as batman on the end.

Babcock Family
And yes, once the kids came home with their candy, R was sure to look over the candy to make sure it was all ok.....and to take his "dad tax." Yum. Best tasting tax there is.


Stephanie said...

LOVE the wig on S! Hilarious!!! I love the concept of the "dad tax". Hmmmmm .... My friend buys back lots of her boys' candy as an incentive to lessen their sugar load. I'm suprised that R passed up on the mullet! =)

Marie said...

Love the new family pic! What a "treat" to have MK sleep through all of that - enjoy that one while it lasts. Hmmmmm - "Dad Tax" - now why didn't I think of a "Mommy Tax!"

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