Monday, September 14, 2015

Mystery Quilt - Day 3

I made a lot of 8-pointed Stars for Day 3 of my Mystery Quilt. -- Mystery Quilt Day 3, Modern Quilt, Blue Quilt
Babco Unlimited - Mystery Quilt in Progress

I've always called these stars "Martha Washington Stars," but when I googled the name I found out the Martha Washington Star usually has a pinwheel center instead of a solid one. So maybe I'm wrong.

Martha Washington Quilt Block
Image found at Quilt Around the World

I'm only doing a table topper sized project, so I am almost done. I have all my major blocks done, just have to wait for day 4 to see the layout.

Overall, I'm happy with the color choices. I was a little nervous at the start that the 2 lighter blues were too similar without enough contrast. Still true--not a lot of contrast--but I'm ok with it and rather like it.

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