Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mystery Quilt

I'm not usually a fan of mystery quilts. I like to SEE the pattern I am making so I can make color choices as well as decide if I want to make it or not. However, I'm testing out a mystery pattern for my aunt.


At Quilt Fest this year, my aunt is in charge of the mystery quilt project. She wanted to have a tester for the pattern before the big event to catch any mistakes. Apparently, at last years event the mystery quilt was a complete disaster--the pattern was riddled with mistakes. There were incorrect instructions; the fabric requirement was inadequate; the wording was confusing; and the ladies running it weren't very helpful in explaining their pattern. Many quilters just threw the whole project away. - Mystery Quilt

I finally picked up fabric for my project. At first, I was going to just use fabric from my stash. However, the pattern called for 1 yard of fabric for each color. I normally buy 1/2 yard cuts for my stash. I couldn't find anything over 1 yard that isn't already earmarked for a different project. 

I made sure to keep track of the fabric name. (See Tip on Organizing Solid Fabrics.) No more trying to color match months from now if I need more fabric! 

While I was having this fabric cut, a lady came in with a small swatch of solid green fabric she was trying to match. She couldn't find the correct color and wanted to know if they by chance had a bolt behind the cutting table that matched. Unfortunately, they didn't. If she had written down the make and color, she could have easily ordered it online or phoned ahead to see if they carried it. Poor quilter! 

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