Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pink Block Challenge Items

I'm still unpacking from my week at the Utah Quilt Fest, so I'll have pictures of my creations later.

Last year, I took part of the "Save the Boo-bies" block challenge and made these two different blocks for the Utah Quilt Fest: - Pink Block Challenge, Flower Quilt Block

I even won 3rd place Viewer's Choice for the flower block on the left last year. Ya-hoo!

The Fundraiser works by selling a challenge fabric. Each person then makes a 12" finished block of their choice using that fabric. The blocks are then made into items to sell. They make money from selling the fabric and from selling the finished products. Funds raised go to support a women's hospital in Southern Utah.

This year, I was too busy to make a new block for this year's challenge. BUT, I did get to see what they made with my blocks from last year. It was so fun to know I made part of it. 

My flower block was incorporated into a quilt with several other blocks. - Pink Block Challenge, Flower Quilt Block

My starburst block was made into a messenger bag. I LOVED this. I was so tempted to bid on it. - Pink Block Challenge, Flower Quilt Block

It was so fun to see what was made with last year's blocks and to feel like I really contributed. It made me smile to see my blocks made into a quilt and bag and feel like I am helping raise money for a worthy cause. 

It has motivated me to make sure I participate again next year. 

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