Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Sewing Machines

Look what I have!
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Sewing with Bernina Sewing Machine

I have a new sewing machine! Well, new to me. My mom recently purchased a Bernina 880, so she sold me her older Bernina 200.

I took a 4 week sewing class where I learned how to use my machine. I learned so much! At first I was only interested in the things pertaining to quilting--until I started to see all the other fun sewing things I could do with my machine.

I'm not the only one with a new sewing machine.  My mom bought this fun toy sewing machine for MK. She loves to get it out and "sew" along beside me while I am sewing.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Kids and Sewing

I'm so excited to use my new machine. It is so smooth and easy to use--I didn't realize how much I was forcing and fighting my projects with my old machine until I started sewing with this new one. 

I wish I had fun projects to show off, but I am spending all my time and energy purging and packing my house. Why do we have so much junk? I can't believe how much stuff I have either given away or thrown away.

Despite all my purging and packing, it hasn't stopped me from purchasing fabric for a skirt I want to sew for MK now that I learned all sorts of fun things.

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