Friday, April 18, 2014

The Messy Side of Paper Piecing

A few days ago I posted this picture of my Wheel of Fortune quilt. 
Wheel of Fortune Quilt Top

I have since sewn the rows all together and am on the messy task of removing all the paper. I print out my paper piecing patterns onto Crayola's Doodle Pad paper. It is thinner than standard paper and cheaper than vellum or other quilt shop papers. (The paper is larger than standard paper, but I take it to a local copy shop and ask them to cut it to size. Then, I can easily print from my printer at home.)

One of the downsides of paper piecing is removing all the paper. I was sitting on the floor doing just this when my boys returned home from school. C thought it looked like good fun and asked if he could help. Um, YEAH!

C pulling paper off the back of the quilt. - Paper Piecing Quit Tops
Messy Side of Paper Piecing

S came upon us and saw C working with me and immediately said, "Oh! Can I do some, too?" Sure, I could spare you a corner to work on. 

S concentrating on tearing only the paper off. - Paper Piecing Quit Tops
Messy Side of  Paper Piecing

We sat and tore paper for about 45 minutes while we listened to the audiobook of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." We only made a small dent, but had other things to do that night like soccer games and a work meeting.

I might be here for a while pulling off paper. Good thing the book is long.

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