Monday, March 10, 2014

A Wedding

My mom, the Quilting Guru, has been making Wedding Quilts for several years now. She started when all the grandkids were little so she wouldn't be scrambling to make a quilt whenever they announced an engagement. The first of the grandkids was married on Saturday. The bride and groom looked through all the many quilts she had made and narrowed it down to two quilts. (The bride liked one while the groom liked a different one.) We never heard from them what they decided, so we just hung the quilt the bride loved.

Wedding Quilt made by the Quilting Guru, aka my mom. - Wedding Quilt, Orange Peel Quilt, 30's Quilt
Wedding Quilt

I've spent the last week traveling, helping my sister prepare for her daughter's wedding, participating in wedding day activities, and traveling again. It was a very busy week. But for my sister, it's been a very busy 4 months. Everything came together, and we made a lot of great memories.

The Happy Couple - Wedding

S, MK, and C - Wedding

MK acting as the Flower Girl and the Bride - Wedding

My favorite photo was captured by my sister. I just love this one of MK looking in on the Temple. - Wedding, I Love to See the Temple
I Love to See the Temple

Me and my sister, the mother of the bride - Wedding

SISTERS! We took this selfie with a REAL camera. - Wedding

Now I'm sitting at home with a pile of suitcases, sleeping bags, and dirty laundry. I guess I have to get back to real life. Although, my sewing table is calling my name. 

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