Friday, February 21, 2014

FMQ Friday #5 - Hidden Mickeys

Inspiration really is all around us.

While at Disneyland last week, the kids and I searched for hidden Mickeys. We found quite a lot, and we were always so proud of ourselves. It added an element of surprise and fun to the normal and mundane. 
For example: This was the carpet in our hotel room. - Hidden Mickey, Disneyland
It is a pretty swirly design. Then, suddenly, you are seeing a hidden Mickey.

While waiting in line for Gadget Go ride in Toon Town, my boys spotted this hidden Mickey. - Hidden Mickey, Disneyland

This one I found online here. - Hidden Mickey, Disneyland
Hidden Mickey
These little hidden treasures are easily found when you look for them, but are also easily overlooked. 

What does this have to do with quilting? So glad you asked. 
Why can't we do something similar in our quilting? Add hidden designs or messages?
Who says we can't? I still haven't met with this supposed "Quilt Police" anywhere.

I pulled out a quilting practice block and started quilting. I thought a loopy stippling would be perfect for this type of thing. So, as I looped and swirled I stitched in the word "Love." Can you see it? - Hidden Quilting Words
Hidden Words

I like how it is hidden. It's easy to see when you know to look for it, but easily overlooked because it blends in with the overall design.  The possibilities are endless. I could have even done an actual hidden Mickey in the quilting.

Have you ever done a hidden message or design?

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Unknown said...

Love the idea of hidden messages, I'm going to do this on my next quilt :-)

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