Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm a Winner!

Look what I won at my company's Christmas Party! 
New TV
It's been 2 days, but I'm still in shock.

Wednesday night was the yearly Nu Skin Employee party. They always put on a big bash and a lot of prizes. I go every year hoping my name is called, but never hear my name. I almost didn't even go to the party. S had a wrestling match that night, it is FREEZING cold outside, and my name is never called anyways! The family all went to the wrestling match together--S did really good. After the match, R took the kids home and I drove to the party by myself. The entire drive there I thought to myself "Why am I even going? I'm cold. I'm tired. I don't really care about the entertainment this year. My name is never called. But I know if I don't go it will be the year my name is called.  But by going, I'm sure my name won't be called." 

This year, they brought in LeAnn Rimes. I got there for the last three songs she performed. Then, the prizes started. They gave out all sorts of fun and awesome things. (They always do!) The very last prize they had was a 60" TV. I sat there thinking "That is huge!" They pulled a name from the basket and said "If your name has the initials of A and B this might be you." I still didn't think it would be me as it never is. Then they said MY name! MY NAME! I was shocked.

I couldn't believe it! I won a 60" TV! Me! I was shaking the whole time I was on the stage and a good 30 minutes after.
They asked how long I've worked there: 14 years next month
I was asked how many times I've been on stage: First time
What department did I work in: The call center
Then, they wanted me to sing for my prize: Wait. What?
Steve told me it would be the gracious thing to do.
I sang the first line of "Il est né le devin enfant," and Truman answered by singing the second line. 

This TV is so big, I couldn't get it home that night. The HR lady running the show said she'd take it to her office and I could get it from her the next day. I had to take out the back seats of my minivan and then even lift the middle seats up to fit the box in my van! 

R set up the TV last night. He is so excited, I can't even tell you. Just two weeks ago he was talking about getting a new and bigger TV. We had a 42" TV, which I thought just the right size for our small home. He wanted bigger. Well, he got his wish.

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