Thursday, October 3, 2013

WIP Thursday #21

Where have I been?
Unfortunately, it hasn't been to visit my sewing table other than just once. 
My butt has been glued (not literally) to a computer chair every day for two weeks. Why you ask?

First, I had to work a lot the past couple weeks. I work in customer service, taking calls from the US and Canada speaking English and French. I sit at a computer at work. 

Second, I'm on the committee for the Utah Quilt Festival. My job is to arrange the seating for our luncheons. I have to organize seating for 297 people for 4 lunches. Holy Moly! My deadline for reservations recently passed and then I was super busy confirming payment, assigning tables, making sure people were moved around the room each day, then email each and every person their confirmation. Even after that, I've spent the last 2 days fielding calls and emails about concerns.  

I'll be so happy when the event is here and I can go learn about, talk about, see, and play with quilts.

My one visit to my sewing table was to sew up all my rows for my Fractured Flower Quilt.
Now I need to make a trip to my ironing board to iron the seams open. *grrr* - Fractured Flower Quilt
Fractured Flower Quilt
My aunt's sister-in-law passed away last year. My aunt doesn't quilt, so she brought all her SIL's quilting supplies to my mom. My mom and I went through the boxes to divvy up the goods. I made a rule for myself "If I wouldn't buy it from a store, don't take it." It seemed to work for me. I picked out a few books and move fabric. One can NEVER have too much fabric. - Red Fabric
Red Fabric

I love all this red and pink Valentine fabric. It will be perfect in the Valentine hearts quilt I've been planning forever.

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