Saturday, July 13, 2013

Baseball Tournament

Today, we spent all day at a baseball tournament. C's baseball team signed up for a fundraiser tournament and had 3 games all in one day. It was supposed to be a 2 day tournament, but they were rained out yesterday. C plays on a city league team, and all the other teams at this tournament were accelerated teams that play year round. His team still held their own against these skilled teams, learned a lot, and had a great time.

C's coach used this time as a fun learning experience for them. He made sure they were all having a good time; he moved them around the field; and he praised their accomplishments.

C has been wanting to play pitcher and shortstop all year. He's had several opportunities to play shortstop, and today he had his first chance to pitch. He actually did rather well, and had a great time. - Family, Baseball
He also played center field, right field, second base and third base. There was a lot of plays in the outfield, so he was happy with everywhere he played. He was exhausted by the end of the day, but all smiles. He loved being able to play baseball all day long. 

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