Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Day

Easter Day was a fun filled day. 

We started off our day by visiting Grandma Great. We bought a Spring Cactus for Grandma Great on behalf of Mimi. I saw this and immediately thought of Grandma Great. It has beautiful hot pink flowers (she loves fushia) and it's a cactus (she grew up in Arizona.) - Family
The kids and Grandma Great - Family
And one picture with bunny ears for Easter

We then drove to my parents house and went to church with them. 
While there, the Easter Bunny visited us. 

C and S were running too fast for me to get a picture, but I did get one of MK collecting Easter Eggs. - Family
MK hunting eggs - Family
S, C, & MK with their Easter buckets

The kids received sidewalk chalk for Easter.
They spent a couple hours drawing a mural. - Family
S drawing the Easter Bunny

And of course, going to grandma and boppi's house means a trip to the park.
This time, MK was too busy and fast for me to get a picture of her.

S crawled into the monkey bars. He is part monkey. - Family
S - Family
C on top of a slide
We spent the night at my parents house. The kids were VERY upset that we were only staying one night. We've already decided to have another sleepover the following weekend. 

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