Friday, January 18, 2013

The Advent Calendar

So, one project I've had in my WIPs is an advent calendar I wanted to complete before Christmas 2012. Well, I DID get it all together in time, but we didn't actually use it. - Family, Christmas, Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar

I like the overall LOOK of it, but I need to fix some things. 

First, the magnets I used on the tins aren't strong enough to hold the tins in place once the advent calendar is placed up. Can you see how all the tins have slipped and slid down. They are all resting on top of each other instead of staying firmly in place.

Secondy, two tins didn't survive any vigorous handling by the kids. With the slightest pressure, the plastic lid broke off and is now tucked tightly inside the tin and won't come out.

Here, I am holding numbers 13 and 19. - Family, Christmas, Advent Calendar

I put my fingers in the tins so you can see that the "top" is now resting snuggly at the bottom.
It's kinda hard to have something in a tin without a lid. - Advent Calendar

We weren't without an advent calendar. MK came home with a Santa's beard advent calendar. Each day we'd glue on a cotton ball onto Santa's beard. Once it was full, it was Christmas. - Advent Calendar
MK's Advent Calendar

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