Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MK is getting married?

Friday night, R and I went to his work Christmas Party and left the kids with my parents for a sleepover. The kids have been asking for a while now when they are going to see Grandma and Boppi, so I called up my mom to let them know they have been missed and, wow, wouldn't you know it? The kids just happen to need a sitter for Friday night and can't they come over?  It worked. My mom mentioned that their ward Christmas party was that night and they'd take the kids with them.

MK had been wearing one of her princess dresses ALL DAY. I worked Friday and she went to daycare wearing her Cinderella dress-up dress, her crown, and one glove. (She could only find one.) She also brought her dress-up shoes to wear while there. She didn't change out of this on the car ride to the grandparents. And she didn't change when it was time to go to the Christmas party.

While R and I were at his party, I rec'd the following text accompanied with a Cinderella dressed MK sitting on Santa's lap.

Msg: MK asked Santa to marry her!

Yes--you read that right. MK wanted Santa to marry her. I got the full story the next morning when I picked up the kids. According to my mom, the conversation went something like this:

MK: Santa, will you marry me?
Santa: (completely stunned) I think I'm a little old for you.
MK: Oh
Santa: One day, you will meet your Prince Charming and marry him.
MK: Okay.

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