Friday, November 9, 2012

Where have I been?

Between being sick and then having to actually work, I haven't gotten much work done on my projects and very little done around the house. I could feel myself getting sick: I put up a valiant fight, but succumbed in the end. The worst part was I pretty much lost my voice...the week I had to work 4 days in a row. Did I mention that I talk on the phone for a living? Basically, I whispered as loud as I could and kept the mic RIGHT next to my mouth. 

For my FRACTURED FLOWER project, I have a pile waiting to be pressed. The seam needs to be pressed open, which tends to take a bit more time. - Fractured Flower Quilt
Fractured Flower Quilt

As for my SUPER SECRET HUSH-HUSH project, I am VERY excited. 
I just finished a significant milestone with the project and am now working on the final part of this project.


When talking to a friend who was helping me with a part of this project, she was amazed that I'm keeping this a secret. She said she would never be able to keep it a secret for as long as I'm planning.
I said I love this sort of thing. Then, I told her about when I got my Mission Call in 1997.

In Fall of 1997, I didn't go back to school. I was living with my sister in CA and working. I only told my two sisters and absolutely no one else I was planning on going on an LDS Mission. I wanted to make the decision myself without everybody weighing in with their opinion. So, I sent in my papers and received a nice BIG FAT envelope about 1/1-2 weeks before Christmas. I knew what it was. Instead of opening it, I put it in a big box, wrapped it up, and stuck it under the Christmas Tree. On Christmas morning, my entire family was gathered for the normal Christmas festivities. We opened tons of presents. Soon, my mom noticed a big box with my name on it from "Santa." She was a bit confused as this wasn't with all the Santa gifts. I opened it up to the surprise of all my family. I was going to Paris, France and I only ad 6 more weeks to get ready.

I can totally keep this SUPER SECRET HUSH-HUSH project under wraps until it's time to reveal.

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