Saturday, November 19, 2011

Destined to be the Worst Mom Ever!

A couple days ago, the kids and I were driving home from school. I can't remember what started the conversation we went on, only that they were thanking me for something to which I responded by saying with a big grin "Aren't I the best mom ever?" (Note to self: never ask that question. It never ends well.) Here is how the conversation went after that fatal mistake:

Me: Aren't I the best mom ever?

C: No.

S: *nodding in agreement*

Me: *mock outrage because, I mean come on I'm great. Right?* What? I'm not?

C: No. If you were the best mom ever you'd let us do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.

Me: Really? So, to be the best mom ever I have to let you do anything and everything you wanted?

S: Yes. That's why you're not the best mom ever.

Me: Well, I guess you are just going to be disappointed for the rest of your lives because it looks like I am destined to be the worst mom ever.

S: *sighs* yeah.

Me: So, if I were the best mom ever and let you do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted, what would you do?

C: *gets very excited--I seriously think he's thinking he's going to get this* I would get a ladder and climb to the top of the roof and jump off the side and....

Me: ....and break your legs? That sounds like a lot of fun. I can't imagine why I'd refuse that.

C: *still very excited* Oh, no I wouldn't. I'd put a big trampoline there and jump onto that.

Me: Huh. Well. I guess it's just too bad that I'm the worst mom ever because that wouldn't backfire at all.

S: *a very long drawn out sigh* yeah, too bad.

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Jilene said...

bahahaha!!! funny kids. How are you my friend? I miss talking to you. What's new with life? We need to catch up! Happy Thanksgiving!

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