Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Place for My First Quilt

I finally finished my first quilt. It took me forever and a day, but I did it and love it.
I made it for C. I named it "Stars of Glory."

Here is a close up:

Stars of Glory Quilt
Here is the entire quilt, well, as much as I could get with the camera:

Stars of Glory Quilt
Mom convinced me to enter into the Eagle Mountain Quilt show and I won First Place in the Beginners Category. WOW! At first, I wondered just how many were entered. Did I win 1st place out of 2? But, there were actually quite a showing. I couldn't believe it.

C was so funny about the quilt. When I found out it won, I told him about it and that we'd go and see all the quilts. Later that day, C called R and told him, "Dad. The quilt mom and I made won First Place!" Yes, he's taking credit for the win.

I've made a quilt for S as well. Same fabrics, just different pattern. I haven't figured out what to name it yet. Haven't completely finished it yet. - Barbed Stars, Red White & Blue Quilt, Patriotic Quilt
Barbed Stars Quilt

Don't worry. I didn't forget about MK. I've found an AWESOME quilt pattern of butterflies (her favorite) but in the meanwhile, I'm doing this pinwheel one for her. - Pinwheel Block
Pinwheel Block

I'm having fun with my new hobby. I've set up my "sewing room" in a small strip of house between the kitchen table and the back of the couch. I have to commandeer the table when I sew.


The DM Dad said...
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The DM Dad said...
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Stephanie said...

Amazing!! What a beautiful quilt!! Congrats on the 1st place win. Good thing you had S's help (wink, wink)

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