Saturday, November 13, 2010


I know this is late in the making, but the only pictures I got of the kids in their Halloween costumes were on my phone, and I was having trouble getting them off. It turned out to be some data problem that R had to call our service provider about and they fixed it right away. So, now I'm able to get to those photos. Now that I'm looking at this funny picture, I can see that they are all squinting in the sunlight. But it was like nailing down a shadow trying to get these three kids to stand still long enough to get a picture, so I'll just be glad with what I have.

Superman, Bumblebee, Pizza
S is Superman. He will even flex his muscles for you. MK was a bumblebee. She loved to show off her stinger. She'd push her bum out and point to the stinger there. C was a slice of pizza. He said his classmates chased him around the playground wanting to eat him. They all loved their costumes and practiced a lot during the month in preparation for the big day, which was a marathon of sorts. C & S celebrated Halloween at school on Thursday, Oct 28th since they had no school on the 29th. Then, on Friday I took the kids by my work briefly to show them off before heading to the big bash at R's work. That was a party! Each department transformed their work areas into fun....I don't know what to call it....places to tour. There was a traditional haunted "house", Shrek, a winter wonderland complete with slide (That was R's team), disco, mario kart, Sesame Street, Nintendo, etc. It was crazy. We all had so much fun. We took the kids trick-or-treating on Saturday (living in a religious area, everyone celebrates on Saturday instead of Sunday.) Sunday, we went to visit Boppi for his birthday.

I love this picture of MK. It was taken at R's work party while we were waiting to enter one of the buildings. - Family, Halloween
MK the Bumblebee

I've always loved Halloween. It's fun to dress up and play. As a kid, I loved the candy and spending time with my dad as he took us trick-or-treating on his birthday.

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Stephanie said...

LOVE the costumes!! Love the kiddos even more!!! (((hugs)))

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