Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Pre-Show

We finally pulled out the Halloween Costumes. Both C and S had Halloween parties at school today. While we were making sure we had everything for C's Batman costume, MK tried on the mask. She sure makes a pretty cute Batgirl, don't you think?
MK and I went to S's preschool Trunk-or-Treat. S was so excited to be Buzz Lightyear (thanks Mimi!) I just love this picture--his smile just shows how much he is loving this.

S as Buzz Lightyear
It was VERY cold out today, so I bundled MK up in her costume. She makes a pretty ferocious lion with her pink binkie.

MK as a Lion
R and S went to C's Halloween Parade at his school. I'll have to get pictures from R later.


Marie said...

TOO, TOO Cute! I love S's smile.

Unknown said...

So freaking cute!! Seanie's face is priceless.

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