Friday, April 24, 2009

Carpet--Take 2

So, we FINALLY got the carpet replaced downstairs from out little plumbing snafu back in January. When the installers were finished, they asked if I would come down and look at it to make sure it was alright. S came charging down the stairs with me and squealed "Carpet!" He then started to run in circles in the room. I looked up at the installer and said, "yeah, I think he likes it."

The kids are all still crammed into MK's room upstairs. C has been sleeping in a sleeping bag on a pad. S has R's camping pad and sleeps with his special blanket and cow. With the boys upstairs with MK, we don't have room for the crib. MK sleeps in the pack-n-play.

One day....


Jilene said...

hang in there. it's almost over it sounds like! :-)

Stephanie said...

One happy snug little family! Making memories!!!!

Julia said...

Hey, how ironic- we just got carpet in our basement yesterday & our little ones went running on it too.

Darling Easter photos!... & Happy Mother's day!

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