Monday, February 16, 2009


Last week, we went to the grocery store as a family. The boys spotted some balloons at a sample table and started to ask for balloons. The guy giving out the samples quickly gave the boys each a balloon claiming that the balloons were in his way. C and S were so excited! S let me tie his balloon to his hand, but C insisted on holding his. Not even a minute later, he lets go of his balloon, which floats up, up, and away amid his screams and tears. R was doing his best to console C, and C was starting to get a hold of himself when another employee came by and offered to go get him a new one. C ended up getting 2 new balloons, one of which he shared with his little sister. The kids were SO entertained by these balloons, it was hilarious. R got some pictures of them playing with the balloons when when got home.

MK would hold on to her string and watch with wide eyes as the balloon went up and down.
C just loved hitting others with his balloon.

S was very careful to not let go of his balloon (he had lost one at a store before--he had it tied to one wrist and held on with the other hand. There was no way he was letting go of that balloon!)


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Julia said...

That photo of your oldest in the toddler rocker just cracks me up! We had to get new baby gear for our 3rd for the same reason... Our bouncer especially was so broken from a toddler sitting in it.

Wow, your baby does have big blue eyes! Your kids are so cute!

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