Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 Years in the Making

R and his new truck

One of the first things I learned about R when we started dating over 8 years ago was that he wanted a truck--not a little, dinky truck. A big, beefy truck. A man's truck.

He was patient with the list of stipulations I made that had to be met first before he got his truck. First, we had to get a family car, one a bit more reliable than "Dorcus" (the sedan I inherited from my Grandma.) Second, we had to buy a home. Third, we had to be financially secure and able to afford it (usually an important thing, don't you think?)

Well, after 8 years of patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting, R got his truck. He did a lot of research and worked with different sales people to get the best deal and package. He knows me too well to know that if he hadn't done all that that I would be freaking out--well, I still was, but not so much.

We picked up "Big Blue" a little bit before his birthday. Can you guess what his present was? (And will be for a few more years.) On his birthday, I told him his present was in the garage. He played along and opened up the door to see his truck and acted surprised and thanked the boys and me. Good sport.

Congratulations R!

To answer your question--I sold Dorcus to Rachel and her hubby who loved her well for several years before selling her to a friend of his. We are keeping the little Honda, Stubs. Stubs gets 45 Miles per Gallon--not giving that up too easily.


Stephanie said...

Congrats, R on getting "Big Blue"! That's a very nice truck. I suppose it was worth the wait. What ever happened to Dorcus? Do you still have the little Honda?

Allison said...
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Jilene said...

awesome! congrats on your new baby!

Julia said...

Yeah, you're blogging! Looks great! Darling little boys! Congrats on the truck & congrats on baby #3! Are you finding out the gender this time? Best wishes to you!

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