Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Under Construction: New Blog Template

It was beyond time to update my blog. I love the look....but it's messed up a lot of my pictures. So, I'll be spending time trying to get them all fixed. If you happen upon an extremely warped picture, I'm sorry. I'm working on getting them all pretty again.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Lots & Lots of Flower Petal Pillows

So, this project quickly spiraled out of control.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillows

A few days before I was to drive to my mother-in-law's house for Christmas, I had a stroke of genius! I was going to make her a flower petal pillow. I had posted on my personal Facebook account a picture of the pillow I made, and my MIL had jokingly made the comment of wanting one in peach.

So, 48 hours before travel day I am running around town trying to find peach felt. It can't be found! I panic and buy red felt and fabric to match. As a last ditch effort, I try a local hobby store. They have peach felt--but it's the cheap felt sheets. I buy some hoping that it won't look cheap. But now, the peach doesn't match the fabric I bought. So I head back to the fabric store to buy new matching fabric.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow in Peach
The Pillow that started it ALL

But now I have enough to make 2 pillow!

"No Problem!" I told myself. "I'll just use the extra to make one for my sister-in-law who will be at Christmas with us." But there was a problem, because there were going to be two of my SILs there. So, back to the store I went to buy even MORE fabric and felt.

Because this was all 48 hours before I had to leave, and I still needed to work and pack, I only finished the pillow for my MIL.

"No Problem!" I told myself once again. But then I realized if I was going to make pillows for 2 of my SILs, I needed to include the other two SILs.....and my husband's step-mother.


One of the first ones I made. 

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow 

Quickly followed by this one:

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow 

It was at this point I realized I needed to go make more, so then made this one:

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow 

 And this one:
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow

And this one:
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow 

But I liked this one so much, and it matched my living rooms so well I wanted to keep it. That meant I had to go back to the store, buy more fabrics, and make just one more.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow 

Right now, my SILs are duking it out on Facebook about who gets which pillow. I am surprised on which ones are going first.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Goals

After writing down my goals for 2016, I just want to run and do it ALL. But I have to pace myself, I know. I realize I can't do it all in one day. And funnily enough, the project I want to work on this month doesn't have anything to do with my goals for the year--it's a leftover Christmas project I didn't finish.

I want to make three of these Pillows for my sisters-in-law.
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Babco Unlimited - Flower Petal Pillow Completed Project

I had a stroke of genius about five days before Christmas--to make this pillow for my mother-in-law. She had seen a picture of the one I had made and jokingly requested one in peach. I thought it would be a perfect Christmas gift.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow
Flower Petal Pillow

But as I shopped for fabric and accessories, I thought "I should do one for my sisters-in-law, too. Shouldn't take me very long." So I started to buy stuff to make three extra pillows. Only problem--it took me two days to track down peach felt, and I ran out of time.

So now I have stuff for three more pillows, and I don't want all the stuff to lay around my sewing room forever.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Here I Come!

I had to laugh when I read this, because it's kinda true. Not that I didn't accomplish any of my goals from 2015, but because I looked over my goals from 2015 to help determine my goals for 2016. (And a few did make the list for 2016 again.)

Honestly, setting goals do help me focus. I review them monthly to help me determine what to work on.

GOAL #1 -- Organize: Organize my sewing room, my home, and my life.
  • My Sewing Room: When I was sewing a few Christmas gifts, I needed a hand needle. Could I find one? Not to save my life. Did I own one? I know I own many, but couldn't find them. I'm tired of not being able to find and use my things. 
  • My Home: I have now been in my new home for just over a year. I've gotten a feel for where I like things and how I live in this space. When we moved in, we kinda just threw things in rooms. It's time to truly organize and unpack the leftover boxes. 
  • My Life: I recently realized I volunteer too much. People ask things of me, and I think to myself "Yeah, I've got time for that." With my many responsibilities, I need to organize so to be most effective.

GOAL # 2 -- Enter 3 Quilt Shows: HMQS, Springville Show, & QuiltFest

I plan on entering my "Painting the Roses Red" Quilt into the HMQS and Springville Shows. However, I need a new quilt to enter the Utah Quilt Fest. Not sure which quilt that will be, so I need to get a crack-a-lacking.

GOAL # 3 -- UFO Project Continues: Finish 6 of my current WIP Projects.

This is a carryover from last year. I only completely finished 3 UFO projects last year. I did make a lot of progress on a few others though. I have an idea of which ones I'd like to complete:
 However, I reserve the right to finish anything on my WIP list and not specifically those listed here.

GOAL # 4 -- Enjoy Life: Find time for me each day.

For me, this can mean a lot of things. It could mean time with scripture, time exercising, time sewing, time reading a book, or time working on one of these goals. I feel more balanced and less overwhelmed when I have had some time for myself.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I'm excited about 2016 will bring.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Year in Review

What a year! It's fun to look back at 2015 and see all the wonderful things I was able to do and create. I made lofty goals--I didn't accomplish them all, but was able to achieve a lot of them. Woot! Woot!

I made this warm denim rag quilt.
BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Denim Rag Quilt
MK wrapped in the Denim Rag Quilt

I still fight my daughter over this pink flower pillow.

BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Flower Pillow
MK Stole my Pillow!

I had a sew day with my mom and aunt where I started this "A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree."
BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree Christmas Table Runner
A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree

I completed my Wheel of Fortune Quilt. (And it somehow ended up on my daughter's bed--sneaky little girl!)

BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Wheel of Fortune Quilt, Pink & White Quilt
Wheel of Fortune Quilt

I crossed "Cathedral Window Quilt" off my Quilty Bucket List by making this Cathedral Window Pillow. It sits on a bench in our front entry way.

BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Cathedral Window Quilt, Modern Cathedral Window Quilt, Pillow
Cathedral Window Quilt Pillow

My original quilt "Painting the Roses Red" was hung at the AQS National Quilt Show in Grand Rapids, MI. It also won 1st Place at the Utah Quilt Guild's annual quilt show.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Painting the Roses Red quilt, Challenge Quilt, Roses Quilt
Painting the Roses Red Quilt

I finished a Mystery Quilt for my aunt. This was my first foray into all solids. And I'm loving solids!
BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Mystery Quilt, Modern Quilt, Blue Quilt
Blue Mystery Quilt

I FINALLY finished the top for my Fractured Flower Quilt.

BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Fractured Flower Quilt, 2 color Quilt, Modern quilt
Fractured Flower Quilt Top

Once again, I helped organize and plan the Utah Quilt Festival--a 4 day quilting retreat full of quilting and sewing classes, luncheons, vendors, giveaways, and more.

BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Quilt Fest Name Tag
Off to Quilt Fest 2015

I started my Red & White quilt for the Utah State Quilt Guild's Ruby Jubilee. I just want to add boarders to it to make it a bit bigger.
BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Red & White Quilt, Modern Quilt, 2 color Quilt
Red & White Quilt

For a Christmas gift exchange at work, I made a personalized bag for my friend.
BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - personalized bag

And I ended the year by making a Perry the Platypus Christmas stocking for my son's stuffed Perry.

BabcoUnlimited.blogpsot.com - Perry the Platypus Christmas Stocking
Christmas Morning with Perry the Platypus Stocking

I find it so helpful to look over the year and see all I have accomplished. Plus, it's fun to look over all the things I've done and relive the memories. It makes me eager to set my goals for next year. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Perry Stocking

My 10 year-old son asked me to make a Christmas Stocking that looks like Perry the Platypus. (Have you ever watched "Phineas & Ferb?" Possibly the greatest kid's show ever!) He designed the stocking himself.
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Perry the Platypus Christmas Stocking

We used my Kona Cotton Color Card to find just the right colors and ordered the fabric. He was so not happy with the wait for the fabric. But, it finally came.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Perry the Platypus Christmas Stocking
Perry the Platypus and S

My mother-in-law makes lots of custom Christmas stockings she sells through her Etsy site. She pointed me to an easy pattern on pintrest.

Word to the wise: Being a Quilter doesn't make you a Seamstress. This "pattern" is just a stocking shape and words that basically say "print to actual size; cut 2 lining and cut 2 outside fabrics; sew and you are done!"

I had NO idea what I was doing and made it up as I went along.  My son LOVED it, but I'm so tempted to scrap it and start all over again. I was happy with it until I made the LAST seam, but was so tired I just wanted to be done.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Perry the Platypus Christmas Stocking
Christmas Morning
Christmas Eve, my son put out Perry's stocking with a note asking Santa for chocolate for Perry because Perry has never tasted chocolate before. He was beyond ecstatic when he saw that Santa brought Perry his very own fedora.

It turned out to be a great Christmas. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Secret Santa Gift - Personalized Bags

We are doing a small gift exchange in our little department at work. I was struggling with what to gift my co-worker and friend who's name I pulled out of the Santa hat. Should I just buy a generic store-bought gift? Or should I try to make her something? And if I do make her something, what to make that doesn't take a huge amount of time and money?

After talking with another co-worker and my mom, I decided on a personalized bag.
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Personalized Bag, Small bag

Emily spent 1-1/2 years in Peru as a missionary and has a strong love and connection to Peru. So, we embroidered her name on one side of the bag and the Peru flag on the other side.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Personalized Bag, Small bag

I was so surprised on how fast and easy this bag was to make. I am very afraid of zippers and avoid them whenever I can. However, it was so incredibly easy to do! I need to rethink my aversion to zippers.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Personalized Bag, Small bag

My mom has made several of these bags in the past. These bags are so useful and can be made in any size you like.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Personalized Bag, Small bag

  • My 2 children with peanut allergies keep their medicines and epi-pens in their personalized bags that go everywhere with them. The strap on the bag makes it easy to carry on your wrist.
  • One son uses his to keep all his contact items together in one place.
  • We have a few large ones made out of mesh we use as clothing/lingerie bags while traveling. 
  • I have one I keep all my cords and plugs for my electronics when I travel.
  • I keep mine personalized bag by my bed, which holds my sleep mask, ear plugs, etc.
  • A niece uses hers as her make-up bag.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Personalized Bag, Small bag

I'm excited for the gift exchange. I hope she likes it. 

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Updated Picture - Red & White Quilt

As promised. Here is a picture of my completed top for my Red & White Quilt. I had to get 2 little helpers to hold this one up for me.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Red & White Quilt, 2 color quilt, modern quilt
Red & White Quilt
My boys are used to this request: Will you hold a quilt for me? They know the drill and are good sports about it.

I'm having moments of panic about the size. I intended this to be a Queen sized quilt. Technically, it is. However, it is on the small side of Queen size. After taking measurements of this top (76" x 96") and my Queen sized mattress, I realize it will work. But, I want it just a tad bit wider for comfort.

So, it's been decided to add a boarder. I'm thinking a red and white striped border. Well, it would actually be white, red, white stripes with a red binding. This would add another 6" (3" on each side) making the quilt 82" x 102".

My goal for December is to add a border to this quilt.

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