Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WIP Wednesday # 36 -- In Need of a Warm Outside Quilt

I'm tired of being cold. It's supposed to be spring! Not the rainy, windy, cold kind of spring. I want the warm, sun is shining, flowers blooming kind of spring. 

This year, I am determined to have a cozy outside quilt to keep me warm while I sit on the sidelines of baseball games and soccer tournaments. And when the warm, sun is shining, flowers blooming kind of spring finally arrives, this quilt can be a spread out on the grass for more sideline fun or summer picnics. - Denim Rag Quilt in Progress
Babco Unlimited - The Denim Project 

  For this denim rag quilt, I've sewn up these denim and flannel 5" squares. There are 224 squares! And can you believe I have barely made a dent in my denim? I'm still swimming in old denim. There will be more denim projects in the future.

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