Thursday, August 28, 2008

Starting School

School has started!

C started Kindergarten on Wednesday. He was so excited. I can't believe he's old enough to be in Kindergarten....nor that I'm old enough to have a child in Kindergarten. He met his new teacher the week before. Last year, he didn't want to leave preschool until a preschool buddy told him that there is a playground at Kindergarten. After that, he was excited to go. He's making new friends and learning new stories.

C first day of Kindergarten
Here is C, sporting new school clothes and wearing his favorite backpack ready to go.
Today, S started Preschool. Here he is posing with his big brother for his big day.

C and S
S has been looking forward to preschool for so long! He had a hard time last year when C would leave him. In fact, C was the one to "register" S for preschool! One day last year, I stayed after preschool to talk to his teacher to see about when she was doing sign-ups for the following year. Before I could say anything more, she told me that C had told her "Next year, I'm going to Kindergarten, and S is going to Preschool." So, she already had his name down for the following year! What a great big brother.

Here is S all ready for his first day of preschool--sporting his new backpack (as big as he is) and showing off his "show and tell" item.
S first day of Preschool
S was running to preschool. We had no problems with separation anxiety or anything. Gotta love that!
S off to Preschool
I enjoyed the morning by running errands that I've put off too long, which were so much easier to handle with only 1 kid in tow. MK was great.

We have struggled in getting S potty trained in time for preschool. He has been able to do it for quite a while, but just didn't care to. I didn't make it easier--I was always so tired to really commit to it myself, then had a baby, so didn't care to spend time doing it. But we finally found what would really motivate S to do it--Preschool. As soon as we told him that he couldn't go to preschool unless he used the potty, he has been great! Nice.


Stephanie said...

LOVE IT! It's kinda surreal when your child starts Kindergarten. I register T in February for Kindergarten. It doesn't seem possible. Love the pictures of the boys wearing their backpacks.

Peer pressure was GREAT when it came to potty training. Seriously. I guess that's ONE good thing about peer pressure.

Jilene said...

so cute!!! I too can't believe our kids are old enough for school! Send me an email, I still don't know your baby girls name!!!! :-)

Marie said...

I, too, can't believe these boys are old enough. Where does the time go. Love the back shot of S with his backpack.

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