Sunday, August 31, 2008


C in his soccer uniform right before his first game.
C started soccer last week. He has been looking forward to this for quite a while now. He got soccer gear for his birthday, including cleats from Mimi and Papa, a soccer ball from Auntie J, and mini goal and cones to practice with from Mom, Dad, and S.

He had his first game, and did pretty well. The games are pretty informal, which is great for his age. Each team had only 4 players on field at a time. C, as well as a few other kids, had to be reminded a couple of times not to use his hands. He kept saying that he wanted to be able to have a good kick, so he wanted to place the ball where he'd have a great angle. Nothing wrong with that logic. =)

Here he is going after the ball. He did manage to score a few goals, too.
Here, S is joining C on the sidelines while the other members of C's team play.


Stephanie said...

Way to go, S! Your cousins love playing soccer and T cannot wait until he gets to play next year. As for me, I'm stressed a little bit about having to manage 3 soccer players!

Marie said...

kGreat shots. Thank you for keeping this up so we feel connected.


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