Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A future in tile

About a month ago, we FINALLY put tile down in the kitchen/dining area, the bathrooms, and the entry way. This is a project that we have been wanting to do since we first bought this home 3 years ago. A good family friend, Ron, installed the tile for us and did an excellent job.

The boys were fascinated with the entire process. Ron was so good to the boys in letting them help. He let each of them lay down a piece of tile. They still point out their pieces that they laid down. So maybe, they found their future careers. Who knows.

Here is C laying down his piece of tile.
C helping lay tile

Here is S laying down his piece of tile.
S helping lay tile

The end result. Yeah--No more carpet in the dining area!
New Tile
The crazy thing about this project is that we did it 2 weeks before we had MK. So, instead of cleaning up the house like most nesting mothers, we tore our kitchen apart. All the appliances were in the garage along with our kitchen table and chairs. We had picnics on the living room floor, lunch in the garage, and too much Fast Food. The boys, who usually ask for Wendy's everytime we go out, were asking for mommy food after 2 days.


Stephanie said...

It looks great! I've been wanting to tile my entire downstairs for a while. I want to be rid of my carpet downstairs. It was nice of Ron to let the boys help.

PS: Enjoy the stroller!! I'm glad that mom could get it cleaned up for you. It was well loved here. Now maybe you guys can get past 1 block before the boys want to go home!

Melissa said...

Allison! It's Melissa. I've been wondering how you've been doing and what you've been up to. Now I can keep up with it all through your blog. So much fun to see it! Congratulations on the new baby! Your family is darling!

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