Sunday, August 3, 2008

S's Birthday

Saturday, Aug 2 was S's Birthday. We celebrated by going to SLC and visiting the Children's Museum. It was a blast! R and I had just as much fun as the boys. Even though we were all getting worn out, no one wanted to leave. S's favorite part was the ball area. Kids were able to put balls in motion all over the area. The Museum had all sorts of fun things for kids to do and explore and learn about the world around them. There was a construction zone, a water zone, a media center, helicoptor, and much more. We will have to go back again another day.

The birthday boy
We also played music. Here is S playing a few different notes.

S and C
A LifeFlight Helicopter was on a balcony that kids are able to climb into and explore. That was pretty cool!

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, boys! Sounds like you guys had great birthdays! That jmuseum looks really fun. So, the 5th it is, eh? What a great day that is ...

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