Monday, November 11, 2013

Attacking the UFOs!

I have so many UFOs! Lots of UnFinished Objects!
(This picture is so apropos, don't you think?)

I've started to feel weighted down by my ever grown WIP pile. So many of these projects I get very close to the finish line...and then they just sit there. Right now, I'm looking at my sewing table.  My Fractured Flower quilt is just sitting there right next to my Honey Honey quilt. The only thing I have left to do on both of them is to sew my rows together. Easy peasy, yet it sits there. Underneath both of these are stacks of paper waiting to be prepped for my Old Italian quilt. And don't get me started on everything else.

Instead of just finishing something I've already started, I'm eyeing new projects. (Curse you Pinterest!)
I've had to restrain myself from starting this project I found here (thanks to Pinterest. Just kidding about that 'curse you' back there.)  
I tracked down a copy of the Feb 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting for this pattern. 

Should I really be starting a new project?
But this new one looks so exciting, new, and fun.

I found this short and to-the-point blog post entitled "How Do You Beat the UFO Blues." Basically, she says we need to know the why before we can work on the how. 

So, I took some time to examine WHY each one of my half-finished projects are being left unfinished.  Each one has been abandoned for one reason or another. I've made a goal this week to work on 3 WIPs this week, which means tackling the problems head on. 

Project: Honey Honey
Reason UFO: Tension issues. The thread is showing through. I need to either unpick it and stitch again or just stitch it over again.

Project: Fractured Flower
Reason UFO: It's just not perfect! I know, I shouldn't lament this as nothing is perfect. I just have such a hard time when I know mathematically this should work and it doesn't. I just need to push through this and finish it.

Project: Big Block Baby Quilt
Reason UFO: First, I needed a walking foot. I ordered it online, and it is here now. I want to stitch in the ditch before doing some free motion quilting. Second, I needed to practice my FMQ. 

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