Friday, November 8, 2013

Real Salt Lake Game

Where have I been? Busy. 

One of the fun things I've been able to do lately is go to another Real Salt Lake game with the entire family. We were lucky to score tickets to the semifinal game between Real Salt Lake and LA Galaxy. What a crazy game! It went into overtime where RSL sealed their win. Amazing game play. - We're Here for RSL!
The whole family after the RSL Game

At the start of the game, MK needed help from R to hold up her scarf to welcome RSL out onto the field. 
C is just cheesing it up for the camera. - We're Here for RSL!
Cheering on the RSL Team

During halftime, MK snuggled up to R. He's got a scratchy beard while he takes part of Movember and is rubbing her cheek with his whiskers. I love the look on her face! And, little stinker she was, she wouldn't keep her hat, gloves, or scarf on even though it was so cold and windy. - We're Here for RSL!

C had stayed home sick from school that morning. I wasn't sure if we were going to take him, but he was doing SO much better even if he didn't have a ton of energy. - We're Here for RSL!
 C cheering on RSL - We're Here for RSL!
S and me bundled up against the cold cheering on RSL
When I told S we'd be going to watch the RSL game he told me "one day I want to be a real soccer player." - We're Here for RSL!
 Me, C, S, MK during half time

Me and R. I'm not used seeing him without facial hair! - We're Here for RSL!
Me and hubby 

We love going to the games. So much fun. We'll be going to a lot next season as well--We got season tickets for the next season. 

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