Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nursury Bound

Can you believe that MK will be 18 months this coming week? It doesn't seem possible, but it's true. We took her to Nursery at Church today: She did great! I got tired of wrestling with her during Sacrament Meeting. She has made friends in our other meetings, especially an older couple that she's taken a shining to. It was so cute because the husband started bringing small toys to church just for her. MK used to walk and walk and walk around the room stopping by people she's made friends with.

MK wasn't too sure about Nursery at first, but she warmed up and soon was giggling and playing with all the toys and other kids. I left her to toys, friends, snacks, and puzzles to go to my meetings sans kids. It was nice to go to my meetings without chasing kids and being able to focus on the teacher/speaker.

MK had fun at Nursery and Mom and Dad had fun with her there.
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