Thursday, February 4, 2010

A laundry list of Allergies

So, back in December we received lots of treats and cookies from neighbors and friends. S ate a cookie with a BIG chocolate kiss on it not realizing it was a peanut butter cookie. I didn't think any of it either, even though he's never been a big fan of PBJ. Soon after he ate it, he started to wheeze while breathing. He also had red, puffy skin on his nose and under his eyes. Yikes.

I took him into the doctor to have him tested for peanut allergies. That was an experience. He fought so hard, I was worn out. It took me plus 3 nurses and the phlebotomist holding to get his blood drawn.

We just got the results back. Yes--S is allergic to peanuts just like MK. Joy. It doesn't stop there. They think that he is also allergic to cow milk, wheat, corn, soy beans, shell fish, and egg. WHAT? He eats ALL those things and has never seemed to have any problem. Our doctor is sending us to an allergist. Not looking forward to that.
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