Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vise Versa - Wheel of Fortune Label Block

I know I've been a bit MIA lately. First, I'm trying to clean, purge, and pack up my house to sell it (always an exhausting process.) Second, I went camping for with the young women in my church (always an exhausting experience--but loads of fun.) Third, I've thrown my back out (always an exhausting and painful experience.) 

With all that going on, I haven't had much time for sewing. But sewing is my sanity, so I try to find time. I have managed a few things.

Here is an updated picture of my Wheel of Fortune quilt.

Wheel of Fortune Quilt Top

I am absolutely LOVING my border. I just modified the wheel block to create this fun border. It really makes the secondary pattern pop.  

Wheel of Fortune Quilt

This will be my label--so fun, right? I left it with my mom who is embroidering my quilt label onto this block for me, which I will then piece into the back. She said she could even do it in a circular spiral! Can't wait to get it back from her.
Wheel of Fortune Quilt Block

It's just fun to see the inverse of the wheel block.  
Wheel of Fortune Vise Versa Blocks

I am determined to keep my June goal and get my backing all pieced for this quilt.

And just for because--here is a picture from my camping trip.
View from our campsite. 
Mountain View

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