Monday, June 2, 2014

June Goals

It's official--I'm moving. We haven't sold our home yet, but we did sign papers with a home builder this past week. This means I won't have a lot of time to sew in the coming weeks as I work with my kids to purge our home of unnecessary things, pack, and prep our home to sell it.

Ultimately, this moves means I will get a real sewing room--a room all to myself! This will be a significant improvement over my current "sewing room." And , I use that term lightly. I have commandeered a small space between the couch in the living room and the dinning table in the dinning room. - Quilt Space
Make-Do Sewing Room

And, I've commandeered a space by the couch and entertainment center for all my fabric. My tower can be a little perilous. - Quilt Space
Tower of Quilt Bins!

Even though I will be spending a lot of time cleaning, packing, painting, fixing, and more, I still want to have time for me. There are so many quilty things I want to get done this month. I just know I can't make huge goals.

  • PREP "OLD ITALIAN" FABRIC - Old Italian Quilt Block, Blue & White Quilt
Old Italian Quilt Blocks

I've pre-washed a lot of fabric already. I need to press it, starch it, and pre-cut it into roughly 8-1/2" squares.

While this was on my list for goals for May, I didn't finish it because I changed my mind on how I wanted to do the backing. I now have all the pieces I need and need to get  moving. - Wheel of Fortune Quilt Top
Wheel of Fortune Quilt Top

Because I'm in transition, I won't baste this. I want to piece my backing and press the front. 

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