Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday #30 - LEGO Captain America

Isn't this awesome? - LEGO Captain America Quilt Block
Lego Captain America Quilt Block

Kristy over at Quiet Play was asking for testers of her new LEGO Marvel Superheros patterns, and I quickly raised my hand. Pick me! Pick me! She sent me her pattern for Captain America, and I got right to work.  Her pattern was so easy to follow. This looks like it would be difficult, but it was really super easy. 

Once I finished this, C told me I should think about doing Iron Man next. So, I showed him Kristy's patterns for other Marvel Superheros here. His exact words were, "You have to make these." And "Can I have it?"   

She has a huge selection of LEGO Star Wars characters available in her Craftsy store. I made the mistake of showing those to hubby. He has strongly hinted he would really love a quilt like that. 

Now, I need to test my skills at embellishing this with eyes and a mouth. Yikes! 
Wish me luck because I have no idea what I'm doing.

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