Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday #26

I feel like I haven't done a WIP post in forever, but it's only been three weeks since my last one. Between Thanksgiving and working I haven't gotten a whole lot done.

I have been steadily working on my Old Italian project. It is very time consuming. My mom and I took the class together, and she has decided to not do it. She didn't like the process. I've already invested a lot of time and money into this project--so I'm pushing forward with it. I've got a pile of about 20 blocks halfway done plus all these: - Old Italian Quilt, Blue & White Quilt
Old Italian Quilt in Progress

Isn't it fun to lay out what you've accomplished? I can visualize what the final project will look like. Plus, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

The day after Thanksgiving, I didn't go shopping. Instead, I sat at my sewing machine and did all these for my Pocket Full of Pinwheels: - Pinwheel Quilt

I don't like the layout in the picture above, although it was fun to see all the different pinwheels I've made. This picture does give me an idea of what I've got and what I still need to make to fill holes. It's also helping me think of different layouts I want to try.

One of the pinwheels I made was this 3D pinwheel. It was surprisingly easy to make as well as fun, so I made quite a few. It was crazy how many layers of fabric I had to sew through...I was afraid I would break my needle. There are 12 layers of fabric at the center of the pinwheel. - Pinwheel Quilt
3D Pinwheel

My favorite pinwheel block is this one: - Pinwheel Quilt

This has been an interesting project. This is basically an Orphan Block type quilt--Taking a bunch of different blocks and throwing them together to make a quilt. 

I've always done quilts from a set pattern. Yes, I've made my own little adjustments here and there. But this is the first one I've done where so much is left to me and my own devices. It is a lot of fun to create so much.

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