Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shopping Day

Next Saturday, we are going to have our family pictures taken. Normally, we try to do this in the Spring as a Mother's Day present, but the photographer we like to use had just had a baby.  So now that we have a photo appointment, it's time to find coordinating outfits.

MK and I went shopping on Friday. She is such a girl because she LOVES shopping. No matter how many stores we go to, she wants to keep going to "just one more." I pooped out WAY before she ever did. 

So far, I have planned the following for me, MK, S, and C: - Family
Family Picture Outfits
Not sure what R wants to wear to match with us. 
No, he won't go naked. 

Several local quilt shops were participating in a Shop Hop with lots of specials. MK LOVES going to quilt stores with me. I only went to 2 quilt stores. The first store had very little in the way of specials, prizes, or discounts. It wasn't really worth going to. The second was having EVERYTHING discounted. I had to restrain myself. I did buy some fabric for one of my WIP--the Flowers. Pink flower petals and green grass. - Flower Quilt Block

MK still  asking to go to Walmart and more stores. 

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