Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WIP Wednesday #37 -- Making Progress with Cathedral Windows

When I set my June Goal to finish up this project, I really thought I had a lot of the prep work already done....which turned out to not be the case. Yes--I did have several bright color fabrics pre-cut. Yes--I did have the background fabric purchased. And yes--I did have a sample made. 

That was it. 

So, I've been busy cutting, sewing, and ironing these fun looking squares. My kids are fascinated by this project--They keep playing with these fabric square doo-hickyes turning them into buildings, or monster's mouths, or anything that chomps, etc. -- Cathedral Window Quilt WIP

I almost feel like I'm doing some kind of origami. It still blows my mind on how Cathedral Window quilts are assembled. It sure is fun.

And so far I've managed to create this: -- Modern Cathedral Window Quilt WIP

It is by no means perfect. But, sewing this by machine is definitely faster than by hand. I'm getting excited to see how it's going to turn out.

As much as I like this color combination, I'm already envisioning this done in completely different colors--so if I like how this small project turns out I just might do another one in different colors.

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