Friday, February 14, 2014

Quilty Things I Love

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd highlight a few quilty things I love. Valentine's Day isn't just about flowers, chocolate, and conversation hearts.

This might not seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I think I was the only little girl who hated pink. HATED! As in a burning hate of a million fiery suns. Might sound extreme, but it's true--just ask my mother. You would never catch me wearing pink. 

I think this stemmed from being the third daughter. I had two older sisters who would use me as their living doll to dress up. I got sick of it. Then, my loving grandmother would send me homemade outfits all pink with ruffles and lace. Think of Ralph in "A Christmas Story." I didn't get the whole pink bunny outfit, but to my little girl self it was just as bad. 

My daughter, MK, came out of the womb loving pink (trust me--I didn't encourage this) and has helped me get over my prejudice. Most days, she is wearing head to toe pink she picks out herself. - I love Pink!

Now my stash is full of pink. And I'm so glad it is, or I wouldn't be making this lovely in pink: - Wheel of Fortune Quilt
Wheel of Fortune Quilt
(The weather has been too gloomy to get a new updated pic)

I have these lovely fabrics waiting to make a beautiful pink, red, and aqua heart quilt. Love it! - Valentine Heart Quilt
Valentine Quilt Fabric

(Quilt found in the Jan/Feb 2012 Quiltmaker Magazine)
Valentine Quilt

Have dry hands, but don't want to put on lotion because it gets all over the fabric or you can't hold your needle anymore? Not with this stuff.

(photo from his website)
The Honey Guy

My mom, aka The Quilting Guru, was raving about this lotion. Me? I was skeptical. Isn't honey sticky? Plus, I work for a personal care company and am very particular about all lotions.

Then I went to HMQS where The Honey Guy had a booth. I tried it at the booth and bought a sampler kit to take home. Oh, how I wished I had bought a big jug! I ordered a big jar online because this stuff is amazing! 

This lotion keeps your hands moisturized (and I live in the dry Utah desert) without residue. I can touch fabric to my hearts content and not transfer any chemicals. Within minutes of application, I can hand sew and not lose my grip on my needle. Plus, you only need to use it once and it lasts all day long. AMAZING I tell you.

You can buy it here

The Quilting Guru, aka my mom, made this for me. It is a hanging pocket for all my sewing goodies I need like my little scissors, my seam ripper (wish I didn't need it so much), my stiletto, etc. The top part is a pin cushion weighted with sand. - Hanging Sewing Basket
Hanging Sewing Bag

When I sew, it hangs to my right to keep all my little goodies at hand. The sand in the pincushion keeps it weighted to the table so it doesn't fall off.

(This is my small sewing space I commandeered) - Sewing Area
Sewing Area
There is a lot to love about quilting and all our fabric, gadgets, and tools. What are some of your quilty loves?

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