Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Battle With Binding

Is it just me? Or is binding for your quilt a battle for you, too?

Maybe it is because I don't do it often, and then I have to relearn the process all over again. Yes, I remember how to cut and sew up one continuous piece of binding. I remember what my mom told me about pinning it onto the quilt to make sure a seam isn't on a corner. But then it all goes to pot.

I'm only sewing around a 12-1/2" square block, and you'd think I couldn't screw it up. Oh, but I did. Several ways and several times.

First, I sewed the first two corners like this: - Modern Lonestar Quilt, Battle with Binding

Can you spot the problem? I sewed the corner shut! How am I to turn the binding over to the back when I sewed it closed to the front? Hmmm.  Luckily, I spotted this issue before I sewed all four corners. But I did have to pick the duds out and redo them.

And when I did, I finally got 4 corners like this: - Modern Lonestar Quilt, Battle with Binding
Phew! Just right.

Then it came to closing or finishing the binding,and I was just a mess. First, I didn't give myself much space to work with closing the binding and had to take out stitches so I could maneuver the pieces. Also, I kept sewing them wrong! I just couldn't seem to get the two ends together correctly. One would be twisted, or I'd sew right side and wrong side together, or it was a jumble of material. It was amazing how I managed to screw it up so many ways and so many times. I was too frustrated to take pictures--I was actually embarrassed.  Plus I kept thinking I had figured out what I did wrong and fixed it only to get some lousy jumbled mess--again. I honestly lost track of how many times I sewed them wrong. I had to put it down and walk away.

The next morning, it only took 4 tries to get it done right! Woo-hoo! I was so excited!
I trimmed it. I starched it. And realized, it still wasn't right. - Modern Lonestar Quilt, Battle with Binding
My excitement died. I thought, "Seriously?"

So, back to ripping, remeasuring, and sewing.

Finally. After a two day battle I was victorious! - Modern Lonestar Quilt, Battle with Binding
For a project that was supposed to be "quick" and "easy," it sure is turning out to be "time consuming" and "difficult." First it was the quilting, now it is the binding.

Does anyone else do battle with binding or is just me?

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