Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lots of Snow!

Fourteen inches of snow!
(Our neighbor measured the snow in his backyard.)

So, on Friday I had dreams of sitting inside cozy warm while I watched the snow from INSIDE my house.
Instead, I spent an hour or so shoveling the driveway. The snow was so wet and heavy, it was a lot of work.
Our poor tree was so weighed down with the snow! The branches were bent back so bad! Saturday, the kids played under the tree branches making it their fort because the branches were so bent the leaves were touching the ground. R and I went out there and tried to shake the snow out of the branches to lighten the load. We didn't want it to break all the branches off.

This picture was taken Friday night (11/9/12) during the storm. - Family, Snow

After I finished shoveling, I came inside to find S and MK trying to find all their snow gear. Even though it was getting dark, they were going to go out and play in the snow. - Family, Snow
MK & S in the Snow
They spent about 1-1/2 to 2 hours outside playing around.  Do you like MK's sunglasses?

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