Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our First New Year's Eve

10 years ago tonight marks the first time R and I went out. Our history together is quite funny, looking back. When I got back from France, an old roommate asked me if I wanted to share an apartment again. R lived in an apartment on the same floor just kitty-corner to mine. I had acquired a stalker who I couldn't seem to shake and who claimed R and him were great friends. So thinking that R was in the same vein as this guy, I avoided him. The first time we spoke to each other, I walked away mid-conversation once R brought up that other guy. So for a few weeks/months I tried not to be ambushed and forced into talking to R again. I was more embarrassed than anything around him--because of the whole walking away from him while he's talking and because I thought he was like that stalker-guy and because I thought he thought that I LIKED that stalker-guy. Then came New Year's Eve.

I got back to my apartment on New Year's Eve Day. Originally, I had plans to go out with some friends from home.....but they abruptly changed their plans to go some where I didn't really care to go to. My roommie was there and we were hanging out in our living room wondering what we would do when a guy from downstairs came along saying that he's trying to get a group together to go up to SLC for New Year's Eve. His 2 sisters were visiting and he was trying to find others to come along. My roommate and I agreed, then I found out R was going to be part of the group. Yikes....and I had done so good on avoiding him.

So, the 6 of us drive up to SLC through all the fog. I remember it was hard to see the road as we drove up. They had fireworks that no one could see because of the fog: Instead, the fog just changed colors. We took some pictures, and EVERYONE of them R would put his finger in my ear! Weird-o!

So both pictures we have from that night I'm making a crazy face because who would think that a guy you barely know would stick his finger in your ear? During a group picture? Apparently, R would. (He still does that to our boys. Hilarious to me since it's not me this time around.)

We all had so much fun that we all kept getting together every night after that until classes started up again. Then, a couple days later R called me up and asked me out.

10 years later, we've been married 9-1/2 years, have 3 kids, and a mortgage. Oh, and I still have the coat.


Stephanie said...

Fun story. I don't think I have ever heard it before! We just might have to ambush him in our next big family photo by putting fingers in his ear! btw, Happy New Year!!

Melissa said...

I hardly remember that night...I have the worst memory! Fun pictures though!

Prepared said...

Oh Steph, that might just backfire on you guys - I happen to like fingers in my ear and then you would just all end up with my ear wax on your fingers. ;)

Unknown said...

I'm sure you know this by now, but that whole finger in the ear thing is classic our dad. I have had my dad's finger in my ear many, many times.

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