Monday, October 20, 2008

Mommy's Helpers

C and S are always good helpers, especially when it comes to their little sister. It's a balancing act trying to tend to 3 kids at once, and because MK is such a patient little girl, she sometimes comes in 3rd. I love that she is a "binki baby." A lot of times if I need to take care of one more thing, I can give her her pacifier and she'll be okay for a while. I jokingly call it my own "MK Snooze Alarm." There have been a few times that I've laid down for a nap and turned on a show for the boys and brought MK in my room with me. She had started to wake up, and I'd call out "helpers!" Both boys would come running and give MK her pacifier, so we could rest for a bit longer.

Well, a couple nights ago I was helping S in the bathtub and MK wanted some love and attention, too. I called out to C to help his little sister, who I had laid down in the bassinet. C gave her her pacifier, then another pacifier.....and then filled her pockets up with toys.

She just laid there very content. C was so proud of himself for sharing his toy cars with her and was sure that that was why she stopped crying. I love my little helpers.


Marie said...

Let's see how C does when MK is old enough to want to play with his cars!

Way to go C - a big helper and a good big brother.

Stephanie said...

That's SO nice to share like that! good thing she didn't roll over onto them -- that's wouldn't fee too good. It's nice to hear that the boys want to help. Even those small things can help SO much.

Jilene said...

you are soo lucky that MK takes a binky. Mitchell will take one as long as he is not "still hungry" which seems like all the time because i am the human pacifier! She sounds like a great 3rd baby!

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