Monday, August 31, 2015

Mystery Quilt - Day 1

As I mentioned before, I'm testing out a pattern for my aunt. She's doing a Mystery Quilt at this year's Utah Quilt Fest and wanted a guinea pig to help catch any errors and make sure instructions are clear.

The Mystery Quilt is set up to be revealed over 4 days. Here is my Mystery Quilt Day 1 sewing. - Mystery Quilt Day 1
Babco Unlimited - Mystery Quilt in Progress

I'm a little concerned about my 2 lighter fabrics not having enough contrast between them. Oh well. This is just a tester.

I'm really glad she's had me test this pattern out. First, I found several typos--one of them a little profane (which made me giggle.) Second, I found missing steps. When she transposed everything from her word document to her publisher document with pictures, a few steps got left out. Oops!

My Goal this month is to finish the top of this project.

Linked up with A Lovely Year of Finishes here.

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