Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blast from the Summer Past

I was looking through photos and found these great photos from our summer vacation to California. For the past few years, the kids and I leave R behind and head to CA for a week or more to visit sisters and cousins. Our last day in CA in 2012, we drove out to San Francisco to visit with Auntie J.

First, Auntie J took us to some great Mexican food. Even though it was mid-July, sweaters were required. This IS San Francisco. - Family
Auntie J, S, and C waiting for our lunch

After Mexican food, we went to get ice cream. DELICIOUS! - Family
C, S, MK and A
 MK really enjoying her chocolate ice cream. Auntie J (in the background) thinks it's hilarious. S is also in the background, but is highly engrossed in his ice cream to notice anything else. - Family
MK enjoying her ice cream
Enjoying ice cream with Auntie J. - Family
Auntie J, S, C, and MK

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