Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Pie Feast

On Tuesday, I was able to help out in C's 2nd Grade Class with their Thanksgiving Pie Feast. I basically helped cut and serve pie to C and his classmates. The boys had made pilgrim hats and the girls made pilgrim collars. The teachers laid out a long piece of red paper in the hallway for a "table" for all the 2nd graders to sit at. They sang Thanksgiving songs and ate pie.

Here is C's class. He's in the middle wearing the red long-sleeved shirt and the cool pilgrim hat. - Family, Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Pie Feast

After their pie feast, his teacher turned on a Thanksgiving Cartoon for them to watch before they went home. It gave us parents and teachers a chance to clean-up. MK pulled out a chair to sit next to her big brother. - Family, Thanksgiving
C & MK

S came along with me as well. One of his Kindergarten friends was there with his mom, so they sat at a table in the back to play with each other. - Family, Thanksgiving
T and S

It was a fun afternoon and I was glad I was able to go help out. Because of my weird work schedule and the abundance of helpers, I haven't had a lot of opportunities to help inside the classroom. C was very glad to have me there and show off his little sisters to his friends. I should take advantage of this while I can before he realizes he should be embarrassed by me.

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Julia said...

Wow, they are growing so fast & adorable as ever!

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