Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday MK!

Today MK turned 1 year-old! I still can't believe it. What happened? Time seems to have flown by. But, it's true--she's now 1 year-old instead of "zero" like the boys have said all year. She was never 6 months-old nor 9 months-old, she was always zero.

We had chocolate cake with pink frosting after dinner tonight. MK was just memorized by the candle on her cake. Here's a before picture:
MK's 1st Birthday
Here is an after picture:
MK's 1st Birthday
We opened presents before the cake...thought it would be easier. She was concentrating pretty hard to get her new doll out of the wrapping paper.
MK's 1st Birthday
And she loved her new doll right away. Here she is giving her doll a kiss.
MK's 1st Birthday
It was a fun evening. She was entertained and entertaining.

We love having MK as part of our family. She's now walking, waving, clapping, giving kisses, and more. She gives great hugs and has such a sweet smile. She can go up and down the stairs all by herself. When she wants to be held, she'll crawl up to you, turn around, back into your legs, then sit at your feet. She loves her brothers and is loved by them. She loves to explore, including the pulling things out of cupboards like towels, pots, Tupperware, cereal, etc.

Happy Birthday to our little girl! We love you!
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