Thursday, February 26, 2009

MK's Train

C & S made a train for MK to ride in. They took a box I came home with from Costco, colored some wheels on the box (see the tiny red dots on the bottom corners?), put a blanket inside, and asked me to let MK ride her train. She is having fun with it.

MK's Train
C pushed MK around the living room and bedrooms while S ran behind yelling "choo choo!" MK did fall a few times when C was a little aggresive in his turns, but she never seemed to mind--she never cried nor fussed--and would smile when we put her back upright and was pushed around again.

Kids are hilarious.


Stephanie said...

How cute is that?!! I love the "big" train wheels -- very creative touch.

Jilene said...

so cute. and oh my goodness, she looks just like S!!!! holy cow. just darling!

Julia said...

Cute photo! Boxes are the best! How great to have such creative older brothers.

Sometimes I think that the younger ones have it made to come into a miniature world (in our case princess world) with fun older siblings & endless toys.

For our oldest, we were her buddies & had to buy toys one by one. It's so different for our 3rd. My baby searches out her sisters just to entertain each other.

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